Who’s really to blame for Acharya?

For a couple of days now, it’s been common knowledge that Kajal Aggarwal’s role from Acharya has been chopped off. Director Koratala Siva confirmed the same himself, saying that he cut off the actress’s role feeling that Acharya having a love interest would suit the character. Ever since then, there’s been major backlash from audiences, who have felt betrayed by the decision.

Fans have been hoping to see their favourite actress on the big screen for quite some time now, and with the news of her not being on the big screen anymore, a blame game has begun. While some blame the director, many are blaming Ram Charan, saying that the actor cut off Kajal’s role, to accommodate his character in the film.

Kajal and the team of Acharya seem amicable despite this, but the same is not the case with the audience. No one can ever know who is to really blame, but it’s certainly going to be a treat to watch Megastar and Charan sharing the screen.

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