Who is Shakuntala in Gunasekhar’s romantic epic?

Gunaa TeamWorks have announced the movie Shakuntalam in Gunasekhar’s direction recently, when everyone thought the director will give an announcement about his film with Rana Daggubati, Hiranyakasyapa. Suresh Babu, the producer of Hirankasyapa has been talking about the film in public interviews, all the time. Still, Gunasekhar went ahead with this new announcement. Generally, people think the movie Hiranyakasyapa has been shelved. But the director’s team have clarified that the director did not shelve Shakuntalam and he is looking to start big production when Suresh Babu is ready to go ahead with the production.

He wants to find a star heroine for the fim, Shakuntalam. Neelima Guna denied the reports about Pooja Hegde coming aboard for the movie. She said that the talks are going on with various actors and they will make a decision soon. But the new rumours say that Samantha Akkineni might be interested in doing the role of Shakuntala with Amitabh Bachchan as Kanva Maharshi and a Tamil actor in the role of Vishwamithra. Angelic Dancer Urvashi role will be played by a big star heroine also, it seems.

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