Who did Thaman target with his tweet?

Undoubtedly, Thaman is the leading music composer in Tollywood. He is riding on high with the success of his recent film, Akhanda and is even roped in to provide a background score for pan-India star Prabhas’ soon-to-be-released film, Radhe Shyam.

Meanwhile, last night, Thaman took to Twitter and wrote: “We call it a Complete FILM when all the crafts Together Excel in all formats 🥁It’s never so-called Dominated Crafts .. lol

it’s the Deeper UNDERSTANDING of a Film Knowing it’s depth in dialogues it’s Narration & making It dive in Smooth to the Next Sequences 🎥🎵🥁. So Without a Great Visualisation Great Making Great characterisations Well Written Scripts With True Emotions Narrated in a Proper Pace Directed Magnanimously & Standout Performances from the Artists

It’s Never One Man Show ✊

We love CINEMA & WE DIE FOR IT ❤️‍🩹

God bless”. Usually, Thaman is known as a non-controversial technician in the industry as he maintains a healthy rapport with everyone but after witnessing the above tweet, netizens and moviegoers on social media platforms are confirming that Thaman’s “It’s Never One Man Show” is a dig at hero Nani.

Incidentally, in a recent interview as a part of Shyam Singha Roy promotions, Nani gave a statement that a movie should not be dominated by any craft. It is well-known that all is not well between Nani and Thaman as they had creative differences while making Tuck Jagadish. Now, with Thaman’s tweet, did he target Nani? Is a better-known answer for his fans and moviegoers.

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