Vijay’s market has increased tremendously in the Telugu market and this is proved with his latest film Whistle which was released in 700 screens in Telugu states. Read on to see how the film turns out to be.

Story: Michel played by Vijay is a local mass don who has a special past as a football player. He is forced to coach a ladies’ football team which does not go well with the players. They protest against him but Michel who has given a word to his dad(Also played by Vijay) takes on the job. How a local goon with many problems take the dull women’s football team and wins the tournament is the crux of the story.

Performances: Vijay is at his peaks when it comes to Whistle. He has been showcased in two variations and the star hero shines in both of them. Be it his footballer skills or the manner in which he leads the team with his emotional outburst, he has done it all. Nayanthara is beautiful and once again become a part of a key film. She did not have much to do in the film. Jacki Shroff does his negative role convincingly. The actors who played the football players have done their roles convincingly. Vivek evoked a few laughs here and there. The film is dominated by Vijay and he performs and only he shines throughout the film.


Second Half


First Half
Slow pace
Predictable story

Analysis: Sports dramas are a dime and dozen these days. Tollywood is seeing them a lot these days. Atlee has taken the soul from many such films and made Whistle. The first half is very dull and not much happening during this film. The roles are established only fan moments take center stage.

At a point, you feel bored as the love story is also very weak. But Vijay makes things happen in the last fifteen minutes of the first half. The second half is where the fun begins as Vijay does a neat job in keeping things alive. The emotions are in place and the football matches are also very interesting as they are stylish and do not miss any logic as well.

The film is a treat for fans and Tamil audience as it touches many sensitive issues in the film. The message shown is good but there is nothing new that you have not seen her. Tamil folks will have a solid Diwali but the Telugu people will have to watch it with an open mind as the proceedings take their own sweet time to get on you.

Rating: 2.5

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