Where is The Venkatalakshmi

Raai Laxmi is coming as Venkatalakshmi on our screens to frighten us. To give her company, Praveen and Madhunandan also added their energies to the feature film. Let’s see how it is …

Plot::Chanti (Praveen) and Pandu (Madhunandan) are hated by the entire village of Bellampalle. They are the evil incarnations who keep cheating people and hurting them for pleasure. They have a friend, Shekar (Ram Karthik), son of Village Panchayat President. He is the only person who supports them. Shekar falls in love with Gauri (Poojitha Ponnada) sister of an evil guy, Veera Reddy (Pankaj Kesari).

Chanti and Pandu kidnap Gauri and make Shekar mate with her by force. She hates him for doing such a heinous act. Chanti, Pandu continue to be themselves even though Shekar also distances himself. They meet a beautiful lady teacher, Venkatalakshmi (Raai Laxmi). What is her story? What does she want from them? Watch the movie for answers …

Performances:: Ram Karthik seems to have developed a screen presence but his acting skills are still of a novice. He needs to improve on his expressions and also on his dialogue delivery. Poojitha Ponnada is blank most of the time and she just proved that she cannot act at all.

Raai Laxmi is beautiful but she seems to have given up on trying to act even for one frame in any film. She is there to glam up the screen and dance for a song. Madhunandan is a good few scenes but he doesn’t have the charm of Chandramohan kind of an actor who can shoulder an entire film. Praveen and Pankaj Kesari are highly inconsistent. All others are not worthy of a mention.

Technicalities:: SR Sekhar seems to have forgotten after a point to edit the movie. He just placed all the cut scenes in motion and we can sense that he did not take it too seriously.

Venkat R. Sakhamuri, the cinematography of the film tried to give the entire thing a tone but the scenes are highly forgettable and irritating. His shot composition is too old school too.

Thatavarthi Kiran, the writer of the film did not know if he is making an adult film or a horror comedy. He just mixed up everything he can to make something up on screen. There are no solid adult jokes or good innocent moments that will make us root for the characters. The twists are as fresh as 50’s films and they don’t have any kind of relevance in today’s world.

Hari Gaura composed remixes of several known songs and other Malayalam songs. For BGM, he depended on Hollywood and Bollywood films.

Kishore Kumar as a director is as affective as a serial maker. He used all old-age techniques and did not retain any fun element on the paper, on screen. His work is as lackluster as a kid fishing for the first time. He didn’t have any sense of pacing or story flow.

Analysis::This movie is a desperate attempt by a bunch of film enthusiasts who rather than trying to give their best to a mediocre story they made a highly lethargic attempt. It all seemed like a costly TV movie than a script that got a good feature film presentation. It is another amateur attempt by a filmmaker who didn’t know much about filmmaking.

RATING : 1/5