When Rajamouli gave his nod to Bellamkonda!

It is already known that Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas is acting in the Hindi remake of the Telugu superhit film Chatrapthi, which was directed by Rajamouli, and featured Young Rebel Star Prabhas in the lead role. This remake is being directed by VV Vinayak, and the film was recently launched officially.

There are many apprehensions from fans about this remake, from Prabhas’s fans and general audiences alike, considering whether or not Bellamkonda and Vinayak will be able to live up to the expectations of Prabhas and Rajamouli, respectively. Bellamkonda beefed up for his role, and the team of the remake has good expectations on the film, but the same cannot be said about the viewers, given that Chatrapathi established Prabhas as a bankable mass hero.

Bellamkonda has now revealed that Rajamouli has given his approval for the remake and that the director even said that Bellamkonda looks exactly like how Prabhas used to look for Chatrapathi. Bellamkonda said that he felt very happy when Rajamouli said this to him and revealed that he turned very confident after the compliment. On the other hand, it is has been said that a few changes have been made to the original script and screenplay, to appeal to the Hindi audiences, but that the core of the film has been kept intact.

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