What’s the purpose of ticket price hike anymore?

When ticket prices were first hiked in the state of Telangana, it was said that the main reason for that is because of the ticket prices issue in Andhra Pradesh, as the government had released a new GO on reduced ticket prices. After a few weeks of here and there, the AP government finally agreed to increase the ticket prices considerably, and even agreed to increase them highly, in case of big budget films like RRR.

Ticket prices were increased heavily for RRR, in Telangana and AP, due to the huge budget on which the film was made. While KGF 2 was denied a price hike, Megastar Chiranjeevi’s Acharya was granted a price hike, and now, even Superstar Mahesh’s Sarkaru Vaari Paata has been granted a price hike, in both the states.

Considering that neither Acharya nor SVP have been made on budgets anywhere closer to that of RRR, everyone has been wondering why such huge ticket prices have been granted for the films. Acharya has already suffered as a result of this hike, as the film’s collections dropped drastically within days. The situation turned out worse for the film, as it even received a negative talk. It is now to be seen how SVP will perform, in a situation like this.