What is Rajamouli’s answer going to be to the Boycott trend?

The boycott trend seems to have taken over Bollywood completely, with almost every film coming up with a boycott tag. The latest film that is at the focus of this trend is Brahmastra, directed by Ayan Mukherji, and featuring Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt in the lead roles. The film is being released in various languages across the country, with director SS Rajamouli endorsing the movie in Telugu.

Rajamouli is presenting the movie in Telugu, and also been an active part of promoting the film in the language, having participated in several promotional activities so far. With Rajamouli being attached to the project, those who are calling for the boycott of the film are questioning the director’s involvement in the project, and even asking him to step down from it.

Rajamouli has never been a director who entertained controversies or addressed such things. With the boycott trend now directly questioning the director, it is to be seen what he will say, and if he will even say anything at all.

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