What is next for Ajay Bhupathi?

Director Ajay Bhupathi was very much confident about his film, Maha Samudram before its release. Even during the pre-release event, the director confidently said that the movie’s “Blockbuster” posters are ready and will be unveiled soon after the release.

But as a rude shock to the director, Maha Samudram opened to poor reports on October 14th. The film’s first weekend collections suggest that the film is outrightly rejected by the audience. Before the film’s release, in promotional interviews, Ajay Bhupathi said that he approached a few top heroes in the Telugu industry with the script but none of them agreed to sign the movie. He also confidently said that Maha Samudram’s result will be a strong reply to those the heroes, who rejected the script.

Now, after the film’s release, Ajay Bhupathi is not seen anywhere. Looks like he is deeply disturbed with the feedback for Maha Samudram. After facing a humiliating failure like Maha Samudram, will Ajay Bhupathi make a solid comeback anytime soon? Remains to be seen.

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