What is Balakrishna even saying?

Looks like Balakrishna has made a habit of behaving badly in public. The foul language he directed towards the media during one of the interviews around municipal polls was absolutely uncalled for. Recently, he also went on to insult Chiranjeevi, during the audio launch of Nara Rohit-Nanditha starrer Savitri. What one does not understand is that is it his sense of humour that is becoming weirder by the day! During the audio launch he tried to tell Nara Rohith to be as naughty as him.

He spoke about how the current crop of actors like Nara Rohit should imbibe some traits like pinching and poking. “Konchem ravali maa polikalu kooda. Gilladu, podavadalu… Nenu chudani etthulu levu, naku teliyali lothulu levu,” Bala krishna talking about the ‘ideal’ way to behave with a woman! In the times when films and filmstars influence so many people, one wonders how Balayya, who is so much in the public eye, can make so many politically incorrect statements at one go! From insulting his peers in public to saying things like “Velli muddu ayina pettali, kadupu ayina cheseyyali, anthe!” looks like ‘commit ayina aipovali’. Being an MLA and a senior most actor, this kind of talk is totally uncalled for.