What happened to AP ticket prices?

The Andhra Pradesh government, not so long ago, released a GO, reducing the ticket prices for every film in the state, so much so that snacks cost more than ticket prices at a certain point. However, after a delegation from Tollywood, which included SS Rajamouli, Prabhas, Mahesh Babu, Chiranjeevi, and Koratala Siva, went and met with the CM, the government agreed to increase the ticket prices only for those films made on a huge budget.

In Telangana, due to the reduced ticket prices in AP, producers sought permission for ticket price hikes in the state, with the Telangana government readily granted. Everyone thought that the prices would go back to normal after the AP government started to cooperate, but that didn’t take place. Things only got worse, with ticket prices being hiked in both the states.

With the AP government also giving permission for ticket price hikes in AP, without as much as a word, everyone has begun wondering what happened to the steely resolve of the AP government, which said entertainment shouldn’t be commercialized. It is to be seen how long this will go on, as the footfalls in theatres have drastically gone down due to the insane ticket prices.

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