What calls for Boycott culture really?

Every now and then, we see some or the other trend on Twitter, calling for the boycott of some or the other film. The reasons may be defined as various for this, with everyone having their own explanation and reasoning, with some even saying that political agendas are the main reason for this. This culture is most prevalent for Bollywood movies and is rarely seen in the South.

The impact of these boycotts is somewhat debatable, as there haven’t been any solid instances of a film turning out to be a flop just because of this. Films continue to end up as failures if their content is not up to the mark and turn out to be successes if the content is good. When that continues to be the case, one wonders what the use of this Boycott culture really is.

With so much hatred brewing around, the Indian entertainment industry is taking a huge hit as a whole, which would benefit greatly and would have been much greater, if not for so much hatred going around.

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