Top 10 Telugu Female Action Movies of All Time


The movie was a shock to regular movie-goers. A police officer wife hits her husband who has all the right to go for a strike. 


Vijayashanthi took a break from regular roles for this film and performed as a lecturer in a college, in this film.


After a film like Kartavyam, Vijayashanthi till kept doing films with big star heroes and occasionally showed her prowess in stunts.


Bhanumathi in the early 1950’s with NTR and SVR in other lead roles directed a movie, Chandirani. 


We don’t have to say much about the kind of sensation this film created when female oriented films have become ancient.


Vijayshanthi after staying as glamour star and occasional revolutionary lead actress of few films, Karthavyam changed her fate to become a women actress who is enough to carry the film on her shoulders. 

Ganga – Manga

Vani Sri was at the peak of her stardom and she could dominate star heroes too in her films, at times.


Soundarya delivered another life time performance in this film after Ammoru, Raja. She looked more raw in the film corresponding to the narrative style of Krishna Vamsi.

Osey. Ramulamma

Dasari Narayana Rao after long time returned to revolutionary films. He made many family drama films that people thought he is no longer the same director who made Bobbili Puli.


Rudramadevi is an historical war drama film starring Anushka as the lead in the direction of Gunasekhar.