The Makers Have Unveiled The Duration Of The Double ISmart Teaser

 Double ismart makers the sequal to the successful film ismart shankar, directed by puri jagannadh 

And starring Ram Pothineni reprishing his role as shankar. 

Charmme kaur and puri jagannadh are spearheading the production of this highely anticipated project 

The official release date for double ismart is yet to be disclosed, Fans eagerly await news 

on when they can experience the next chapter of shankars journey unfold on the big screen. 

The collaboration between Ram Pothineni and Puri Jagannadh has garnered attention for its unique style 

And high energy performane, making Double ismart a project to watch out for in the realm of Telugu cinema. 

As the anticipation builds the audience can expect an exhilarating sequal packed 

with action, humor, and the trademark flair that puri jagnnadh brings to his film. 

The production team’s careful planning and execution hint at a thrilling continuation of shankar’s story 

promising another entertaining installament in this dynamic cinematic universe.