SPARK Movie Review &  Rating 

Vikranth Reddy is acting and directing an enthralling thriller Spark Life.  

The film, already sparking curiosity with its captivating teaser and trailer . 

Story: Lekha(Mehreen Kaur Pirzada), guided  by dreams chooses to marry Arya  (Vikranth Reddy) in Hyderabad. 

Despite initial reservations, her family,  including her father and grandmother  (Srikanth Iyengar, Annapurna) consents  to their relationship. 

However, Lekha’s world takes an unexpected  turn when she discovers Arya’s enigmatic  past. 

The narrative unfolds the connection between  Arya and Jay (Vikranth Reddy) in Vizag. 

As the story progresses, the intricate web connecting these characters and their  roles lies in untangling the hidden ties that  bind these characters together. 

Performances: Vikranth Reddy, making his Tollywood debut as both actor and director, delivers a commendable performance as the multifaceted protagonist, skillfully executing intense action scenes.

The chemistry between Vikranth Reddy  and Mehreen Pirzada proves captivating,  with both actors displaying good  expressions and emotions.  

Ruksar Dhillon, Vennela Kishore, Satya,  Nassar, Suhasini, Brahmaji, Raja Ravindra,  and Chammak Chandra are all  instrumental in providing precision  to the entertainment quotient.

Technical Aspects: Ashok Kumar’s captivating cinematography, with visually striking compositions and appealing angles,  enhances the cinematic experience.  

While the songs suffer from misplacement affecting the film’s flow, the dialogues remain interesting and exciting. 

Pravin Pudi’s editing, though commendable,  could benefit from a more polished touch.  The production values of the film are  also pretty decent. 

Analysis: Spark delves into the innovative  concept of brain mapping, sensing, and  remotely controlling minds

The storytelling is engaging and thrilling, with occasional comedy and romance returning to  the central plot, and the interval twists and  climax are executed with finesse.

Vikranth Reddy’s dual roles as actor and  director showcase a clear vision and  effective use of available resources. 

\The film's captivating storyline and  well-crafted screenplay leave a lasting  impression, but could have been improved  with more fine-tuning.

Guru Somasundaram, as the antagonist, adds  a unique dimension to the film, leaving a  lasting impact.  

Srikanth Iyengar and Annapurna seamlessly perform roles tailor-made for them, enhancing  the overall ensemble cast. This aspect of the  casting has been done well by the makers.  

The movie's conclusion is set, but it introduces multiple subplots with unexpected twists,  and its extended duration is a  significant drawback. 

Despite minor shortcomings, the  commendable production values contribute  to the film’s overall quality

Verdict: Overall, Spark emerges as a  promising debut for Vikranth Reddy, blending  a compelling narrative, impressive  performances, and visual allure.  

If the film had been crisped a bit more and  songs could have been avoided the film would  have looked even better. 

Rating: 2.5/5