9 Non-Telugu Heroes With 10 Cr Share Movies In Telugu States

Rajinikath – 4 Films

2.0 Ap/Tg Gross: 90 crore Ap/Tg Share: 53 crore

Enthiran (2010) Ap/Tg Gross: 61 crore Ap/Tg Share: 34.3 crore

Kabali (2016) Ap/Tg Gross: 38.6 crore Ap/Tg Share: 23.7 crore

Sivaji (2007) Ap/Tg Gross: 28.25cr Ap/Tg Share: 17.8cr

Yash – 2 Films

KGF 2 has collected more than 85 crores share in Telugu states

KGF 1 has collected Rs 12.27 Cr share at the box office of both Telugu States- Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in its full run.

Raghava Lawrence – 2 Films

Kanchana 3 and Kanchana 2 have collected more than 20 crores share in the Telugu states.

Vijay – 2 Films

With Master, Vijay has reached the 15 cr mark in the Telugu states. 

His recent Sankranthi release ended up collecting a little over 12 crores. He got two films over 10 crores in the Telugu states.

Rishab Shetty – 1 Film

Rishabh Shetty with his Kantara did a phenomenal job at the Telugu box office. The movie collected a share of more than 28 crores in the Telugu states.

Dhanush – 1 Film

Dhanush’s SIR film collected more than 30 crores share from the Telugu states. This film has earned profits for the producer triple and quadruple over their budget.

Vikram – 1 Film

Vikram with the Movie ‘I’ collected more than 25 crores share in the Telugu states.

Suriya – 1 Film

Surprisingly, one of the Tamil heroes who was owned by Telugu fans as a family has only one film

 that has collected more than 10 crore share in the Telugu states. 24 has collected more than 15 crore share in the Telugu states.

Kamal Haasan – 1 Film

Kamal Haasan with Vikram has finally delivered a monstrous box-office hit. Vikram collected more than 15 cr share in the Telugu states.