2018 Movie Review & Rating

Malayalam movie 2018 has created a sensation at the Kerala box office. Released on May 5th, the film has emerged as an all-time industry hit in Malayalam.

Now, the film is slated to hit the screens at the Telugu box office today. This Tovino Thomas starrer is released by noted producer Bunny Vas in Telugu. Let’s see how this Jude Anthany Joseph directional fares at the Telugu box office.

Story: Anup (Tovino Thomas), an ex-soldier, fears death and leaves the army. On the other hand, Mathachan (Lal) and his son Winston (Narain) make a lively hood through fishing, while Koshy (Aju Varghese) drives a taxi for tourists. 

Ramesh (Vineeth Srinivasan), an IT employee in Dubai, faces relationship troubles with his wife in India, and Sethupathi (Kalayirasan) from Tamil Nadu agrees to transport explosives to Kerala as a truck driver. 

But as an unexpected twist, the floods devastate Kerala in 2018. What kind of struggles will each individual go through the massive natural calamities? What is the impact of the crisis on the people of Kerala? How they survive this huge disaster, forms the crucial crux of the film.

Performances: A few films are arranged in a specific manner that the characters in it will make us talk towards the end, one such film is undoubtedly a 2018 movie. 

Each character in the film is well-crafted and established nicely. 2018 movie is an emotional journey there are no specific hero-centric characters in the film.

Director Jude Anthany has executed narration with his directional skills. Tovino Thomas should be lauded for accepting this story-driven character without any unwanted deviations.

Lal plays Mathachan and delivers an outstanding performance as a fisherman who takes a significant step to help thousands of people survive the devastating floods. 

Narain and Kalayirasan also leave solid impressions with their engaging screen presence and outstanding performances, while the rest of the cast performs well in their given limited yet impactful roles.

Without any major twists and turns the movie carries the emotional journey of each character which is a major asset for the film.

Technicalities: The photography work by Akhil George is outstanding as he showcased natural disaster scenes in an effective manner. 

His hard work is visible on the screen as the natural outdoor locations are captured in an authentic manner.

The music composed by Nobin Paul is apt to the proceedings. His background score elevates all the key scenes with an emotional touch.

Editing by Chaman Chakko is sharp as his work is visible in a captivating manner. The production design work is captivating and so is the case with the production values for this limited-budget movie.

The artwork department should be given special accolades as their work is done neatly.

Analysis: Director Jude Anthany should be appreciated firstly for coming up with this kind of survival drama. The emotions in each individual story are showcased in an arresting manner.

The key impact of the natural disaster has been showcased in an effective manner. The whole film revolves around the characters which have been well-crafted by the director.

We have seen Aparna Balamurali in an impactful role but she is completely neglected in this film. 

The director would have written some capable and hard-hitting scenes involving them as her role is limited.

To summarize, the 2018 movie is an engaging survival drama that has an emotional connection irrespective of language barriers. 

The presentation is fresh so is the emotionally engaging drama. All we suggest is to watch the film with low expectations, your will surely love this emotional drama.

Verdict: Must watch Emotional drama!

Rating: 3.5/5