10 Things About The Greatest Indian Cinema Ever, ‘Mayabazar’ Will Blow Your Mind Away

Mayabazar was the Costliest Movie of the Era. The film was made with an estimated budget of Rs. 2,00,000 back in 1957.

The first movie in India Cinema to be made in more than one language. It was made simultaneously in Telugu and Tamil. The final film length of this movie was more 5 hours and then it was cut short to 3h 12m

The first title of the movie was “Veera Ghatotkacha ” keeping S.V.Rangarao’s stardom in mind. But the legendary actor insisted that the title should focus on the story rather than him. And “Surekhaapaharanam” was the movie working title.

Even though this is a story of Pandavas and Kauravas, the Pandavas are never shown but are only heard of in the film.

Mayabazar was the first movie where NTR played the role of Lord Krishna. NTR was at first skeptical about playing this role, instead he insisted on playing Karna. 

Mayabazar is a part of the tenth standard English syllabus from 2014. And Mayabazar was the first movie that used VIDEO CALLING before video calling is a thing. 

 Marcus Bartley, the cinematographer for this movie had shot the evergreen song “Lahiri, lahiri lahiri lo” at Ennore lake near Madras at noon and he created the illusion of moonlight on a sunny day with tricky camera angles.

Marcus Bartley, created the miniature set of Dwaraka City, in about 50 x 60 ft. space and electrified the 300 miniature houses and no two of them looked alike. 

Mayabazar is the first Telugu film transformed from black and white to colour version and full scope by Goldstone Technologies.

The project cost 7.5 Crores and the colored mayabazar was released in 2010 in 40 theaters and was a commercial success and celebrated a second 100 day function after half a century.

A poll conducted by CNN-IBN in May 2013 awarded Mayabazar “the film as the greatest Indian film of all time”.