War of words continues between Naga Babu and Prakash Raj

Senior actor Prakash Raj is a socially conscious person. He uses social media effectively. With the hashtag #JustAsking, he questions the way certain political personalities make their moves. In a recent interview, Prakash Raj lashed out at the stand Pawan Kalyan took in the GHMC elections.

This brought controversy and Nagababu, brother of Pawan Kalyan and also a member of the Janasena party has taken a dig at Prakash Raj and questioned his ethics in movies. He criticized that Prakash Raj tortured many filmmakers and he knows in and out about him.

Now, Prakash Raj has commented against Naga Babu in a polite manner. He tweeted in Telugu with the meaning, “Respected Nagababu, I can understand the love you have towards your brother. But you should also understand the love I have for my country. I know Telugu, but I don’t know your language.”

We have to wait and see what will be the response of Naga Babu for this.