War between NTR and Ram Charan fans erupts on Twitter

NTR and Ram Charan have developed an amazing bond with each other while working on RRR together. NTR plays Komaram Bheem in the film, while Ram Charan plays Alluri Sitaramaraju. Chiranjeevi is also said to be in constant touch with NTR after the actor recently tested positive for coronavirus. It is no secret that both NTR and Ram Charan’s families also got close with each other.

Despite this, fans of the actors continue to be at war with each other. A couple of months ago, there was a Twitter war between NTR’s fans and Pawan’s fans, and now, a similar war between NTR’s fans and Ram Charan’s fans is going on, on Twitter. The hashtags #FanBaseLessNTR, #RangelessRamCheddy and #FanBaseLessRamCharan, along with TDP WATCHMEN Jr NTR, RANGLESS MUNDA ZOO NTR, BANISAKUKKA RAMCHARAN, are trending on Twitter right now.

The exact reasons behind these trends are unknown, but it most certainly is offensive to Tollywood as a whole. When the actors themselves are on friendly and brotherly terms with each other, there’s no point in fans being at war with each other. Neutral audiences are wondering about the whole point behind such a hostile situation between both the fan groups and what they want to achieve by the end of it. They feel it’s high time for fans to burn the hatchet and become friends like their favourite actors.

War Between Ntr And Ram Charan Fans Erupts On Twitter1

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