VV Vinayak: I’m eagerly waiting to watch Bimbisara 2

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram starrer semi-fantasy drama, Bimbisara is going great guns at the box office. The film has already achieved break-even target and is heading towards double blockbuster.

Not only audience but also the film celebrities are heaping praises on Kalyan Ram performance, the film director Vasisht, the grandeur visuals and arresting background score from MM Keeravaani. The latest one to join the list is noted director VV Vinayak.

After watching the movie, Vinayak had an interaction with Kalyan Ram and director Vasishta. In the conversation, Vinayak expressed his eagerness to watch Bimbisara 2 as early as possible. He even suggested the director to focus more on the villainism and negative shades of the Bimbisara character.

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