Vishnu’s viral tweet bringing in negative publicity

Manchu Vishnu has managed to become the president of the MAA association, against all odds, with a vast majority of votes, and recently swore in as the President too. Ahead of the elections, during his campaign, Vishnu spoke about Pawan’s speech at Republic pre-release event, which invited negativity towards Vishnu.

Vishnu even made a comment on Pawan indirectly, for not voting for him in the MAA elections. In a recent tweet, Vishnu posted a video where he can be seen along with Pawan Kalyan, at Haryana Governor Bandaru Dattatreya’s Alai Balai event here. He even captioned the video “Can you guess who’s at the end of the video?”, which is inviting the wrath of Pawan’s fans.

Earlier, Vishnu’s brother Manoj visited Pawan on the sets of Bheemla Nayak and posted pictures of them together. With the Manchu family’s actions and words not going hand in hand, fans are getting angry at the double standards, bringing in unwanted negative publicity for the family, and Vishnu, more than anyone else.

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