Vishnu’s panel’s manifesto announced

Manchu Vishnu, who is contesting for the post of MAA President, announced his panel some time ago and has today released his manifesto, stating all the benefits that the members of MAA would get if they vote for him and his panel.

The MAA elections this year have been highly dramatic, and politically fuelled, with a war of words being exchanged between Prakash Raj, who is also running for President, Manchu Vishnu. While Prakash Raj is yet to announce his manifesto, here are the details of Manchu Vishnu’s manifesto:

1. Job opportunities for eligible members through “Maa App”

2. MAA building

3. Own house to eligible members with the help of the state government

4. Medical assistance to all members and their families

5. Free education to eligible members

6. Financial assistance for weddings, by donating Rs. 1,16,000 to eligible members

7. Women empowerment and protection scheme

8. Welfare of senior actors

9. Right to vote for senior citizens, by recommending the same to AGM

10. MAA membership card

11. MAA Festival for fundraisers

12. State and Central scheme implementation for eligible members

13. Free education at Mohan Babu film institute for eligible members and their families

14. Co-operation from the Telugu state governments





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