Vishnu wants vote, but won’t support PK?

It is very well known that Pawan Kalyan brought into his speech, Mohan Babu and thereby, the entire Manchu family, with respect to the tickets issued in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Whilst not answering any of Pawan’s questions, Mohan Babu requested Pawan to vote for his son, Vishnu’s panel, in the upcoming MAA elections and said that he would answer each and every single one of Pawan’s questions after the elections.

In a new statement, Vishnu has now said that he doesn’t support Pawan’s speech and said that Pawan’s speech doesn’t represent the film chamber’s opinion and that he stands with the film chamber’s opinion. He went further ahead and even asked Prakash Raj to come forward with his stand on the issue, asking whether he’s on Pawan’s side, or on the film chamber’s side.

With Vishnu voicing out his opinion, everyone is furious about the fact that the Manchu family wants Pawan’s votes, but are not ready to support him and his stance on the issue. A lot of debates and discussions are going on everywhere on Pawan’s speech, with many supporting it, and many opposing it. It is now to be seen what sort of situations this will lead to, in the future.

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