Vishnu makes a strong statement against Megastar

Manchu Vishnu, defying all expectations, has turned out to be the President of MAA, scoring a vast majority of votes, and even managing to make almost every single member of his panel win in the elections. After having won the elections, the actor interacted with the media today and made some strong statements, one in particular, aimed at Megastar Chiranjeevi.

Vishnu said that Chiranjeevi had asked him to back out from the elections. Prakash Raj and his panel, who indirectly received support from the Mega family, were expected to win easily, but lost due to certain unexpected events. On the other hand, following the loss of Prakash Raj and his panel, Prakash Raj and Naga Babu gave in their resignations today.

Speaking on the same, Vishnu said that their resignations would not be accepted as MAA would need their support in the coming days, as MAA is planning to sort things out by meeting the Chief Ministers of both the governments, over the prevailing ticket issues in the two Telugu states.

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