Viral reports on Pushpa’s trailer delay

It’s not unusual for teasers and trailers of films to be delayed and to arrive much later than expected. This has been going on for a long time, ever since release dates and times of trailers have begun to be announced on social media. The same thing happened with Allu Arjun’s upcoming film, Pushpa’s trailer release yesterday. The trailer was supposed to have been released at 6:03 PM yesterday but was released much later.

Fans were understandably upset due to the delay, and no intimation about the same either. Lots of complaints were heard on social media, and when the trailer was finally released, fans were delighted and received the trailer with a hugely positive response. Now, reports of why Pushpa’s trailer got delayed are going viral on social media.

It is being said that the initial trailer cut for Pushpa was about 2min 2seconds long, but after it was sent to Bunny for his final confirmation, he reportedly suggested some changes. Bunny is said to have asked for the inclusion of certain shots in the trailer, shots for which the VFX were yet to be done. When the team of Pushpa suggested postponing the trailer release, Bunny reportedly insisted on releasing it on the same day, due to which the trilaer’s release got delayed

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