Vinaya Vidheya Rama has similarities with Rangsthalam?

Chitti Babu from Rangasthalam became a rage among the fans of Ram Charan and also the movie ended up being a smash hit for Sukumar. Movie remained the first Non-Baahubali biggest blockbuster in years.

So, the immediate next movie from the actor will be seen by the trade with even wide open eyes. The content seekers expect the movie to deliver on the big promise made by Rangasthalam.

Well, the rumors suggest that the movie has a similar line to that off Rangasthalam, revenge for brother’s death as the theme, it seems. This time, as an orphan Ram Charan decides to take whoever shows some love towards him as a family, it seems.

Boyapati Srinu is coming up with another high voltage mass flick and the director is promising to deliver his biggest hit yet. The movie is releasing on 11th January for Sankranthi.