Vinara Sodara Veera Kumara Movie Review

There have been some good story-lines that were wasted by poor execution and underwhelming writing. Vinara Sodara Veera Kumara is a classic example of such films. How do you ask? Read on…

Plot: Ramana (Srinivas Sai) cares for none and he is happy being an auto-driver and has no major goals. He finds a glass one day by the beach and hence, starts a friendship with a ghost, Suri (wooden sounds). Ramana decides to commit suicide as his love, Sulochana (Priyanka Jain) decides to marry her relative as per her parent’s wishes. What ghost bangs the walls and communicates with Ramana forms rest of the story!

Performances:: Srinivas Sai needs a lot more grooming and even more lessons on how to show variations from scene to scene. He is the major lead on whom, movie depends on and he is the weakness of the movie too. He is inexperienced and severely monotone. Somebody needs to tell him to bite the pie to the size he can swallow and not get greedy.

Priyanka Jain is beautiful. She can act. But she is asked to overact and even do the same cliched things that every heroine ever does. She shouldn’t waste her time in these films.

Uttej, Jhansi, and others are just under-used.

Technicalities:: Dialogues-Lyrics by Laxmi Bhupala. If there are clichés then there are clichés to even the clichés. Confusing right. Same with Laxmi Bhupal, he is severely confused to what he should deliver to the audiences and he tries to spoon-feed even those things that audiences are smart enough to understand. When a film relies on monologues then the writer should be sharp but not painstakingly lazy. Unfortunately, even if he isn’t, his work comes off like that.

Cinematography by V Ravi is good if we consider the budget. At the same time, in similar budgets, Malayalam films are able to extract more than this output from similar cameras and teams. Maybe we should stop pretending as know-it-alls and really learn a trick or two from them.

Music Director, Shravan Bharadwaj gave good tunes. But if he is the BGM composer, it is better if he doesn’t take up scoring BGM tracks for the films. He literally killed all the emotions with a loud score.

Director Sateesh Chandra Nadella, seems to be given a task of finding the cheapest possible way to execute a scene. It is not a bad thing and indeed quite challenging for a talented person to come up with the best possible solutions. Here, he and the crew are plain lazy. They gave less charismatic and inexperienced actor monologues after monologues that go beyond three minutes. Yes, we timed out of boredom.

Then, they introduced a practical person in heroine and made her hate the guts of the villain, her relative, then made her even more selfish as she progresses. They introduced her with a character then suddenly made her a characterless person. Maybe for a generation where an audio clip of two lovers painfully expressing their grief or a boy calling out the selfishness of his ex-lover, is nothing more than a DJ song remix, we can’t expect more than this kind of representation.

Analysis:: The movie doesn’t really try to be appreciative of the unique premise, it launched its story. He tries to be teen romance with a message when it can be more than that. Even if he goes by what they had on paper, the execution feels more underwhelming with the ghost plotline that just doesn’t fit into the narrative completely. It feels more like an add-on that became more important in the real story than the intended track it needed to trade on.

Director and writer seem to have been highly confused by the plot they had and never understood which one they have to concentrate on more. Heroine choosing villain over hero seems too against women and a direct attack on their decision making as the other character is quite senseless. This is just a sample of senselessness the film presents its story. Could have been way, way better.

Rating: 1.5/5