Vijay’s team expresses no political touch to the cycle ride

Ilaiyathalapathy Vijay on Tuesday reached the polling booth to cast his vote on the cycle. He has traveled on cycle and the video went viral in few minutes. Many have been attributing political color to Vijay’s action. Few sections argued that Vijay is supporting the DMK party and that’s why he has ridden a cycle that is painted red and black.

The other section mentioned that it is Vijay’s style of slamming BJP against the hike in petrol prices. While the discussions are growing on social media and electronic media alike, Vijay’s team has given clarification that there is no political intention behind the cycle ride.

“As the polling booth is very near to Vijay’s residence, besides the road to Vijay’s house and the polling station is congested, traveling in a car and finding a parking space will be difficult, Vijay sir has decided to travel on cycle. There is no political intention,” said the team.

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