Vijay Sethupathi attacked in airport

Vijay Sethupathi is currently one of the most famous, sought after, and talented actors in the country, with every film industry trying to rope the actor in for one role or the other. His craze is so huge that his name is alone enough for the producers to make profits in the first couple of days, irrespective of the film’s verdict.

In a shocking incident, Vijay was attacked in Bengaluru airport today, when a stranger ran up to the actor and kicked him from behind. This was a totally unexpected event, which shocked Vijay, and the onlookers as well. The attacker was immediately taken care of, but the video of the same started to trend instantly on social media.

While the exact reasons behind why Vijay was attacked are not known, it is being said that this was a result of the hatred that’s been brewing among fans of Puneeth Rajkumar in Karnataka. They are said to be furious about the Tamil film industry and its actors not responding or offering their condolences, following the death of Puneeth. Puneeth’s death is indeed a huge tragedy, but the way the fans are letting out their emotions is being criticised by everyone, who are asking what the state of a common person is if celebrities are only getting attacked in public.