Vijay Devarakonda opens up about his flops

Vijay Devarakonda is undoubtedly one of the top stars in the industry and commands big fame. Many are even jealous of how in a short time he has gained national stardom.

Some of his films flopped in recent times and he says that he will take his revenge “I feel that Vijay Deverakonda only makes good films. Good films that everyone likes or good films that some people like. That confidence I have. Now if I feel that people are trying to use it…a film not many people liking it..against me, then I think ‘I’ll show you’. Then I go into a revenge mode say ‘I’ll show them in my next film’,” he said.

He will next be seen in a film called World Famous Lover and there is a lot of buzz on this film as to how it will perform at the box office.