Vetrimaaran’s Bold Stand on Film Ratings

  • November 21, 2023 / 02:21 PM IST

Movie reviews often prompt discussions about their timing and publication in the film industry. Recently, top Telugu producers expressed concerns that reviews negatively impact films, while others downplayed their importance.

However, director Vetrimaaran, known for acclaimed movies like Aadukalam, Visarnai, Vada Chennai, and Asuran, offered a unique perspective during a ’round table’ interview with a Tamil journalist. Vetrimaaran believes that movie reviews don’t significantly influence a film’s box office performance.

He shared an anecdote where a film of his received rave reviews but only collected ₹1.5 crores, while another film with negative reviews earned ₹9 crores. This led him to conclude that reviews and ratings don’t have a direct impact on a movie’s success.

However, Vetrimaaran also mentioned that international distributors highlighted the importance of positive reviews. They explained that good reviews serve as a way to console actors and producers if their movie doesn’t perform well. According to them, positive reviews could soften the disappointment and help individuals involved in the film feel less disheartened.

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