Venky Mama’s latest collections: Hit Film

Venky Mama is a film that was supposed to click at any cost as it had Chay and Venky for the first time. The film was sold for 30 crores and was released at a time when there were no many movies. Now, by the end of its 13 days, the film has crossed 33 crores already and is a big hit now bringing profits. Here is a detailed breakdown.

Nizam 10.93 Cr
Ceded 4.41 Cr
Guntur 2.12 Cr
Uttarandhra 4.46 Cr
East Godavari 2.15 Cr
West Godavari 1.30 Cr
Krishna 1.66 Cr
Nelore 0.94 Cr
Karanataka + ROI 2.59 Cr
Overseas 3.17 Cr
Total WW Share 33.73 Cr