Venky Kudumula gives clarity on getting cheated

For the past few days news has been circulating that the successful director Venky Kudumula fell trap for online fraud. It is said that he paid Rs. 60K to an unknown person for the registration process to apply for National Awards as his last film Bheeshma was based on organic farming.

There have been many speculations regarding this case but the director came forward and has given his version. He issued a press statement and in that he revealed that in fact he was cheated but he couldn’t sit quite and filed a complaint as it could avoid further persons getting cheated.

Venky Kudumula revealed that he was cheated through a mutual friend and the online scammer is Naveen. After paying Rs. 63,600, the scammer is back again saying that there is a mix-up and he needs to pay again. That’s when Venky felt something fishy and dug deeper into the issue.

However, the investigation is going on currently.