Venkatesh views on Drishyam sequel

Mohan Lal’s Drishyam is one of the best-made family thrillers of the Malayalam cinema. Drishyam is one of the first films in Malayalam cinema to cross 50 Cr share. Now after these many years, director Jeetu Joseph who has made the original has announced that there will be a sequel. It is a proper sequel, which starts where the first part ends. A special police officer starts to investigate the case again and finds a small loophole. Mohan Lal will be playing the lead role in the sequel as well.

Drishyam then has been remade in into Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi languages and has been a hit in all the other languages. Now, that sequel is being made, it will be interesting to see whether Venky is interested in the remake or not. Sources close to Venkatesh suggested that he is interested in remaking the sequel too. However, it will be very early to talk about it. Let the sequel be made, released and after the film’s result, Venkatesh will see the chances of remaking it.

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