Valimai Movie Review and Rating!

Valimai starring Kollywood star Ajith Kumar in the lead role had a simultaneous release in Telugu with the same title. Let’s see how it fares.

Story: Set in Vizag backdrop, the film opens with chain snatching and drug peddling scenes being organized by a hacker named Narein( Karthikeya). To track the hacker and his crime network, the police department brings ACP Arjun( Ajith) onboard. What kind of challenges will Arjun face in the process of cracking Narein’s crime world, forms the crucial crux of the film.

Performances: Ajith Kumar is fine with his usual acting in the movie. While his performance in the family emotional scenes is decent, the actor has given his best in action sequences.

Karthikeya gets a meaty role and the young actor impresses with his acting in the negative shaded character. His screen presence and physical transformation are good and adds weight to the proceedings.

Bollywood actress Huma Qureshi is okay in her extended cameo role. Others artists who played supporting roles are okay in their respective roles.

Technicalities: Background score composed by Ghibran is adequate. While his score registers for pre-interval action block, the sounding for other action sequences is okay. Songs composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja are audible on screen.

The cinematography by Nirav Shah is top-notch as he picturized the action sequences in a realistic manner. Editing by Vijay Velukutty fails to register as the film has a painful lengthy runtime.

Production design, dubbing work and production values for the film are apt for its gener.

Analysis: While the director H Vinoth’s idea of making a movie based on the society related issues by incorporating elements such as family emotions and youth struggles in the narrative is good, the proceedings lack proper impact due to uneven presentation.Though the action stunts in the film are made on a lavish scale, the over melodramatic scenes which come at regular intervals spoil the audience interest.

To summerize, Valimai is an action packed family drama that has good setup and the execution part lacks proper presentation. All we suggest is to keep a check on your expectations and watch the film.

Verdict: Action dominates!

Rating: 3/5 

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