Vakeel Saab picks up well on Ugadi

Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s Vakeel Saab had a fantastic first weekend. The film has recovered almost 80 percent of the investment in the first week. However, the film failed to hold on Monday. It has seen huge drops on Monday which worried distributors. The film has picked up again on Tuesday. Vakeel Saab got benefited from the holiday. The occupancy is good for the noon and matinee shows and was almost housefuls for the first and second shows.

The collections are going to be increased again. Today is Ambedkar Jayanthi and was a government holiday as well. Vakeel Saab is fortunate to have two Government holidays.

Despite the COVID second wave fear, Vakeel Saab has done well. It will reach breakeven very soon. Vakeel Saab is going to profit from the second weekend as well as no notable films are hitting the screens.

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