Upasana plans for Charan’s Bollywood Career

Upasana, runs her business quite effectively and doing so for so many years certainly teaches you a lot of managerial skills. Now the hotshot business scion and Charan’s wife is all set for a new role. Reports say that she is really chalking out a Plan-of-action for Charan as far as the latter’s career is concerned. She has hired a Bollywood PRO to take care of promotional activity, interviews and other press coverage of Ram Charan.

This PRO will work relentlessly to see that no stone is left unturned when it comes to spreading the word about Charan’s movies/ activites. Charan will have different PROs for Telugu and English media.

Upasana wants Charan to secure some Bollywood offers and national endorsements.
Ram Charan did do a Bollywood movie with Priyanka Chopra — Zanjeer — but that bombed badly at the box office making the star very uneasy. Let’s see how the new team can change the actor’s fortunes around!