Unstoppable 2 to have Lady Superstar?

The several rumors and speculations that are surrounding the second season of Balakrishna’s Unstoppable just don’t seem to stop. A few days ago, it was said that Balayya’s contemporaries, Nagarjuna, Venkatesh, and Chiranjeevi, would all be a part of the second season, separately.

Earlier, there were rumors that Young Rebel Star Prabhas would be on the second season as a guest, and it is now being said that Lady Superstar of Telugu cinema, Anushka Shetty, would be a guest in the second season of the film. The actress hasn’t been seen in public a lot in recent times and has even been staying away from signing any films, currently only agreeing to be a part of one film.

While there is no confirmation of any of these rumors, it would most certainly be more than entertaining to watch all these actors be a part of the show. On the other hand, the second season is expected to begin soon, after Balayya is free from his current commitments.

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