Unforeseen spoilers haunting Tollywood directors

The importance of marketing a film has grown exponentially in the last few years, thanks to the evolution of social media and the necessity to promote films as creatively as possible. A number of events are conducted to promote a film, and it can be one of the most gruelling processes apart from making the film in the first place. As part of these events, star actors are called on as chief guests.

Whether speaking at an event, or a mere post on any social media platform, not being careful could lead to a lot of unnecessary details of a film coming out. This has been the trend, so to speak, in the last few months. It all started when Megastar Chiranjeevi leaked the title of his film with Acharya, at the pre-release event of a film, thinking that the title had already been launched. Post that, several other minor spoilers about Acharya were leaked.

In a recent interview with Ali, on his show, Ali Tho Saradaga, Rajamouli’s father Vijayendra Prasad also did something similar, when he unintentionally revealed that Alia Bhatt’s character would be the major highlight and surprise factor of RRR. All of these unforeseen spoilers are now haunting directors, who have tried their best to keep everything under wraps so far.

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