Uncertainty continues to prevail over Tollywood

The Telugu Film Industry continues to be a trendsetter when it comes to releasing films in theatres and taking that huge risk. While things seemed to be smooth sailing the first time around for Tollywood, the same cannot be said in the current situation, with films released in the theatres not performing that well.

Of the many films that were released, two films – Satyadev’s Thimmarusu and Teja Sajja’s Ishq, are the most notable. While Thimmarusu managed to get a good word of mouth, Ishq has been a total disappointment. As a result, those audiences who are risking going to theatres, are preferring to go to only Thimmarusu, and no other film. Hence, the financial response at the theatres is not as promising as filmmakers would have wanted it to be.

With such a lukewarm to disappointing response at the theatres, other filmmakers are thinking hard to release their films in theatres. There are several big films ready for release, but their official release dates haven’t been announced yet. Sources say that there’s a strong feeling within the industry that the audiences will turn up to theatres if the right film releases, which has the right kind of buzz around it. Given that there are films like Tuck Jagdish and Love Story ready for release, which have a good buzz, it is now to be seen if the audiences will go to the theatres when these films release.

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