Twist: Not Monal, Avinash evicted from the show

Bigg Boss Season 4 management is striving hard to make the show successful. Despite their attempts, the show is garnering an only average response. There are only two weeks left in the show now. By today, one of the contestants will be evicted from the show.

Out of the seven contestants, a total of five are in the nominations, and from the start, the danger is between Monal and Avinash. Yesterday there were reports that Monal Gajjar has been evicted from the show but now the reports suggest otherwise. It is said that Bigg Boss management played a trick between these two.

Eventually, with a slight edge, Monal Gajjar has been saved and Jabardasth Avinash has been evicted now. There will be six contestants left. Wonder, who will be the only contestant eliminated from the show next week. Akhil has already reached the finals through ticket to finale task.

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