Tuck Jagdish trailer talk

Natural Star Nani was the first mainstream actor in Tollywood to have opted for a direct OTT release last year, when he went ahead with releasing his 25th film, V, directed by Mohan Krishna Indraganti, on Amazon Prime. The film had high expectations riding on it, but the film couldn’t live up to expectations, and Nani also didn’t show much enthusiasm in releasing his future projects directly on OTT.

However, due to the prevailing circumstances in the current situation, Nani’s upcoming film Tuck Jagdish is also going ahead with a direct OTT release and is all set to start streaming on Amazon Prime from September 10th. The trailer of the film has been released today, and definitely looks interesting. Tuck Jagdish seems to be the perfect blend of family entertainment, comedy and action.

Nani looks impeccable, with the styling done on point, and the rest of the cast seems to fit the bill. Towards the end of the trailer, an important plot point comes to light, with the fact that Nani and Jagapathi Babu being stepbrothers being highlighted. On the whole, Tuck Jagdish rides high on father sentiment, where Nasser plays the father of Nani and Jagapathi Babu.