Trivikram and Mahesh: A powerhouse entertainer on the way

There are several superhit combinations in Tollywood, and one of them is the Tirvikram Mahesh Babu combination. These two have given classic and all-time favourites like Athadu and Khaleja in the past. While Athadu showcased Mahesh as someone who doesn’t say much but acts more, Khaleja showed the audiences the comic angle in Mahesh, which was never explored before that.

After Khaleja, audiences have been hoping for Trivikram to collaborate with Mahesh once again, so that they can hear the magic of Trivikram’s words from Mahesh’s voice – one that would send goosebumps down your spine. Finally, fans’ long time dream is now coming true, with Mahesh and Trivikram having announced their third film.

There have been several speculations on what the story of the movie might be, and who the leads of the film are. While nothing’s been confirmed yet, it is being said that Trivikram finished writing the dialogues for the film. Knowing how well thought out and how deep Trivikram’s dialogues are, and the kind of language he uses, fans are already excited for the film already. It can now easily be assumed that a powerhouse of a film is on its way.

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