Tough times ahead for Tollywood

The Telugu Film Industry produces hundreds, if not thousands, of films every year, at varying scales. There have been times when TFI produced the maximum number of films in India, exceeding that of Bollywood as well, and holds several records as well. At a time when things were getting interesting for TFI, the coronavirus pandemic struck hard and fast, so much so that everyone became clueless.

After a long gap, the theatres in the Telugu states opened up in December and had set an example for everyone else in the country, till April, with a resounding success at the box office. However, the second wave of coronavirus has once again hampered with the release of films in theatres, and there’s no guarantee over when theatres will reopen once again.

When theatres reopen though, it’s going to be a tough job for filmmakers to find suitable release dates, and chances are that it will be far more crowded than it was, with not much gap between film releases, and multiple releases on the same day. Unless and until proper planning of film release dates is done, it’s going to be a very tough act for Tollywood, going forward.

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