Top 12 Must Watch Telugu Web Series of All Time To Watch During Lockdown

Each and every regional language producers are looking at OTT platforms to produce good web series after looking at the boom in the market and demand for them. Many youngsters are looking to lazy-off during weekends and watch web series on different OTT platforms.

While you go on popular platforms you are bombarded with English and Hindi content more or less. What about Telugu content? Here is a list of Good or popular Telugu web series for you to watch during the times we are living in, lately.

Here are 12 Must Watch Telugu Web Series

Sotari Brothers

Sotari Brothers web series
Sotari Brothers is a comedy series on YouTube. It is about two brothers, whose last name is Sotari and they both are bachelors. Ravi Teja Nannimala, Shoban, PV Sai and others are part of the cast in this series written by Shoban Chittuprolu. The first season has 25 episodes and recently, the show entered into the second season too. It is a light-hearted series that concentrates on everyday problems of bachelors and it became highly popular among youth.


Geetha Subramanyam

Geetha Subramanyam web series
Geetha Subrahmanyam is a very popular rom-com series. Manoj Krishna Tanneru and Darshini Sekhar, leads of the show, became famous because of it. The story deals with the romantic couple problems like egos, their opposite nature and many others. Shiva Sai Vardhan directed the series and co-wrote it with Srinivas. Watch it for the comic value.


Aha Naa Pellanta

Aha Naa Pellanta web series
This is a mini-series that deals with martial doubts of a young girl. Many tough questions like whom should a girl marry? When? Where? How? What should be the priorities for her? This way, they answered many questions faced by young girls. Directed by Bhargav and Gautami Krishnan, series stars Jahnavi as the lead.


Muddapappu Avakai

Muddapappu Avakai web series
Muddapappu Avakai is a famous web series starring Niharika Konidela in the lead role. The director of this series later made the film Suryakantham too. This series gave Niharika all the confidence to become an actress after debuting as an anchor on TV. Pranith Bramanandapally’s series created a sensation when it first debuted on the internet.


The Breakup Consultant

The Breakup Consultant
Many know about this series. It is about the different kinds of break-ups that youth go through these days. After failing in his love, the protagonist starts consultancy and tries to counsel of break-ups. Kashyap wrote and directed the series. You will fall in love with the uniqueness of the content.



Endukila web series
Sumanth Ashwin decided to work in this web series as liked the content. This is a romantic comedy series presented by the director, Deva Katta. Lakshman Karya directed the series and it is available on Yupp TV app. As it is light-hearted it breezes through without letting you notice the time. Yamini Bhaskar acted as the leading lady. At the outset it looks like a simple story but as the story unfolds you get hooked by the simplicity and performances as well.


Michael Madana Kamaraju

Michael Madana Kamaraju
What if three boys fall in love with the same girl? Abhiram Pilla created a funny web series with this theme and named it as Michael Madana Kamaraju. The series is designed to entertain youth but you can watch it with your family as well. The characters in this web series are highly unique to but with regular problems. Hence, you connect with them and also get entertained by the comedy.



703 web series
Well, if you think we are only listing comedies, then here is a thriller for you. 703 is a thriller about a writer who investigates about a girl, Nakshatra post her death. He does so because his story resembles the life of the girl and ends as tragically as he predicted. Hence, he starts his investigation into her. His research keeps landing him in different troubles and he tries hard to escape from the problems and solve the mystery about her death. Many praise this web series for writing and making standards.



Vaikuntapali web series
Kumba Shivakumar came up with this roller-coaster ride. The series keeps you hooked till the end with many twists and turns. It has Chandoo Sai, JDV Prasad known as Jalsa Raayudu and Divya Sree as leads. Even though it is made on a very small budget, the series delivers punches at right moments to keep you engrossed.


Nenu Mee Kalyan

Nenu Mee Kalyan web series
The series is about a radio jockey named Kalyan. The story follows his love life, his issues with daily routine, family and job in a very funny way. His friend becomes his enemy in a way and that lends to the humour in this series. Kerintha fame Vishwant acted in the lead role as Kalyan. Sai Dharam Tej appeared in the first episode of this show. There are people waiting for the second season of this show.


Vaddante Vasthave Prema

-Vaddante Vasthave Prema web series

Venkata Sai Gunda, Madhu Yadali, Samyuktha and Yamuna Reddy star in this web series about love. It is completely shot in the USA and is written by Sai Sukumar. He directed the series as well and Yamuna Reddy produced it. The series is about two guys who fall in love even though they had bad experiences in the past. Now, they have to overcome these issues and win. Can they? Watch the series and find out.


Pilla Pillagadu

Pilla Pillagadu web series
This series is a hugely popular one in Telugu web series. Each episode has gone viral with more than a million views each. The music from the series is hugely popular and it breezes through too. Sumanth Prabhas directed the series with Swetha Katakam as a producer. Sai Teja Kalvakota, Kanchan Bamane and Mani Aguerla acted as the leads in the series. The series has a total of 17 episodes divided into two seasons.


These are a few web series that should watch as they give an idea about young talent in Telugu Film Industry and their potential to entertain. Each web series has some uniqueness attached to it even when the plots seem similar. Each writer and director tried to present their ideas without any fear or confusion in them. You may like few, you may not but you will thoroughly entertained for sure with each one of them.