Top South Indian Suspense Thrillers You Can’t Miss!

2010’s have become one of the most important decades for South Indian Cinema as many new age filmmakers arrived on to  the scene. Here are few South Indian Suspense thrillers that you shouldn’t miss.

Top South Indian Suspense Thrillers

  • Vikram Vedha

1 Vikram Vedha
Vikram Vedha is one of the best suspenseful thrillers to have come out from South Indian Film Industries, in last decade. Directors Pushkar – Gayatri wrote more than 56 versions of their script and they made 43rd version after discussing with the lead actor, Madhavan. They later took Vijay Sethupathi for the character of Vedha. This became the masterstroke for the film.
His screen presence and his style in the film as Vedha made it a must for the people to check it out. Even though many wanted to remake it in Telugu, directors are in fear that they might not be able to re-create the impact of Vedha character in Telugu. Movie created a sensation in Indian Cinema as even Hindi filmmakers praised the film.
  • Lucia

2 Lucia
Kannada Industry is one of the most popular Industries in Indian Cinema. But the problem they face is that the producers stick to remaking films from other languages, mostly. A wave of original and new age filmmakers are starting to change that perception. In a way, Lucia was able to put the new age filmmakers on the map and showed them a way to make their dreams come true.
The writer and director, Pawan Kumar decided to make this film as an Independent filmmaker as no one else gave him funds. He asked people who believe in him to fund the project. Movie became the first one to be produced with Crowd-funding. It created a sensation with its story and screenplay.
  • Shhh!

3 Shhh
Upendra became a sensational filmmaker and a star too. He started out as a director and Shhh is his first brush with resounding success as a director. His guru, Kashinath acted in the film with Kumar Govind. The suspense in the movie was too much for 1993 audiences. They were so thrilled by it, that the movie completed 250 Days in theatres.
Interestingly, eccentricities by Upendra that we normally associate with him are very less in the film. We can see how evolved as a director and writer, he was with this film, itself. Later, OM made him the big director and he started acting in his own direction post that. You should check out this film, without fail.
  • Maya

4 Maya
Maya released as Mayuri in Telugu. Nayantara delivered her first biggest hit as a solo lead after coming back into films with this one. Director, Ashwin Saravanan designed the sequences in such a way that even the people who are accustomed to watching horror films fear watching the film.
Each and every sequence in the film feel very important to the narration. On repeat viewing, the film becomes more and more interesting, intriguing. We can find new intricate details each time and if you haven’t watched it yet, do it, immediately.
  • Kavaludaari

5 Kavaludaari
Movie doesn’t have well-known actors except Ananth Nag in the film.  Director, Hemanth Rao crafted a high quality suspense thriller with exciting new ways to tell a story. The investigation scenes from the film are very interesting to say the least. If you try to understand the importance of the climax, you get 100 theories for yourself.
Director did not go for simple regular sequences at any stage. He went on to make a very different film even though he followed the genre specific formats. When you watch this film, you feel like each scene is adding to the mystery effortlessly.
  • Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu

6 Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu
Gautham Vasudev Menon made very intriguing cop movies but his best suspence cop thriller distinction goes to Kamal Hassan starrer, Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu. Each twist add to the mystery and the characters of the villains just add to the fear factor of the film, as well.
Movie is a cult classic in Tamil and songs are still highly popular. Harris Jayaraj composed his best for a cop thriller with this film. Jyothika’s character from the film is also highly popular. Film released as Raghavan in Telugu.
  • Thadam

8 Thadam

Thadam directed by Magizh Thirumeni, starring Arun Vijay released in 2019. Movie is a thriller based on a lookalike trying to escape the crimes he committed by making the other one prime suspect. Who is the real criminal among the two? You have to watch the film to know.
Arun Vijay delivered a believable performance in two characters and Ram’s Red is said to be based on this movie. The twists and turns are designed to thrill the audiences and you will be intrigued by each new move.
  • Game Over

7 Game Over
Ashwin Saravanan after Maya took a long break from films due to various reasons and came back with an intriguing thriller like Game Over, starring Tapsee. It is a psycho killer thriller and touches on many aspects that causes fear in a person.
Movie deals the screenplay in Gaming style and we are asked to catch up with the twists and turns at every level. If you haven’t watched it yet, you should definitely try and catch it.
  • Visaranai

9 Visaranai
Visaranai film is one of the most talked about films from South Indian Cinema in last decade. Film director, Vetrimaaran won the prestigious National Award for the film as a director. His film, Aadukaalam also won National Award for Dhanush.
Coming to Visaranai, the movie is a suspense thriller with investigation of a suspect, who is in the remand of the police. It shows the life of a suspect in the prison in a very intriguing way.
  • U Turn

10 U Turn
U Turn film is directed by Pawan Kumar, after Lucia. His original film is the debut of Shraddha Srinath and he remade it in Telugu & Tamil with Samantha Akkineni. The movie tries to give a good message while it delivers on the suspence front.
Movie is a must-watch for people who haven’t watched it yet. As the movie is a suspence thriller we are not sharing much of the story, here.