Top 20 Female Oriented Films From Hollywood

We gave you a list about top action films from Telugu Film Industry with women actors as leads. Now, here are some action and some gritty dramas from Hollywood that star females as lead protagonists.

Top Female Oriented Films From Hollywood

  • Million Dollar Baby

1 Million Dollar Baby
When most people retire and try to live their life peacefully without taking pressure, Clint Eastwood decided to make one of his best films as a director. He even won an Academy Award – Oscar for his efforts. If you closely observe Dangal and Sultan follow the screenplay pattern and even scene pattern too. Telugu Guru seems to be inspired from this film too.
  •  The Help

2 The Help Movie
We see very less films being made on housemaids and that too African-American women. Well, Emma Stone, Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer kind of performers came together for this film and it is slightly slow to take off but lands perfectly in the end. Hence, it won several nominations too.
  • Arrival

3 Arrival Movie
Dennis Villeneuve got the name as a craftsman with this film. He won hearts of pure sci-fi nerds with this film. Amy Adams carried the film on her shoulders without flinching a muscle. Movie haunts you for several days after you finished watching it.
  •  Kill Bill (Vol.I and Vol. II)

4 Kill Bill Movie
Most copied, widely acclaimed and very well known films of Tarantino. Quentin Tarantino. You never thought a female action movie can be this violent and this gruesome. He just made everyone enjoy a brutal display of human grit and strength in bloodshed.
  • Annie Hall

5 Annie Hall Movie
Woody Allen’s much talked about classic. Many film critics rate it as his best. The conflicts in the story and the way he narrates it all, allied with some great performances, you should watch the film for sure.
  •  Alien

6 Alien Movie
Space Horror Films became a genre with this film. There were many attempts at making the sci-fi genre a more suitable box office candidate but only few could triumph. But Ridley Scott made a horror film in space and people got their ideas rolling with disaster movies.
  • Wonder Woman

7 Wonder Woman Movie
Wonder Woman is the most loved DC comic book movie after The Dark Knight Trilogy. The character was a beloved one for many years and the audiences did not want half-baked films like Man of Steel. They got a full 64-course meal with Gal Gadot in action and Patty Jenkins in director seat.
  •  Mulholland Drive

8 Mulholland Drive Movie
David Lynch crafted a clever thriller with Naomi Watts and Laura Harring. The twists and turns keep us hooked to the film. The movie keeps exploring the idea of deep psychological feelings and it is an emotional drive.
  • The Silence of the Lambs

9 The Silence Of The Lambs Movie
You might have heard many talking about this film and referencing to it as well. The movie deals with psychological games so very well that we fear for ourselves like the protagonist in many situations. Sir Anthony Hopkins delivered a spell-binding performance in this film.
  •  Black Swan

10 Black Swan Movie
This film became slightly controversial due to the depiction of deep psychological issues but the movie is highly watchable. It keeps asking you to become the protagonist to understand her and by the end, we become one. Natalie Portman carried the film like a legend.
  •  Hidden Figures

11 Hidden Figures Movie
Our own Mission Mangal seems to have got its an idea from this film. The film explores the idea of three mathematicians helping an astronaut’s launch into the orbit. The three leading ladies – Octavia Spencer, Taraji P. Henson and Janelle Monae keep us hooked to the proceedings with their funny banter.
  • The Edge of Seventeen

12 The Edge Of Seventeen Movie
We all go through the sudden pressures of adulthood when we are expected to be acting like an adult but we are not there yet. The Edge of Seventeen explores this angle from a teenage girl point of view and you get a very heartfelt movie to watch.
  •  Blue is the Warmest Colour

13 Blue Is The Warmest Colour Movie
Probably if you love to watch porn, you might have saw the lesbian intimate scene from the film. Beyond that scene, this film has lot more to offer in terms of finding yourself and then accepting it. Love is hard and relationships are harder!
  • The Joy Luck Club

14 The Joy Luck Club Movie
The movie explores the idea of being immigrants in a foreign land but then the next generation owning it up as their country. It is difficult for the older generation to completely forget their roots and not easy for the younger generation to fully understand their obsession with Home. Watch it for fun conversations between these two generations.
  • Lady Bird

15 Lady Bird Movie

Greta Gerwig surprised everyone with her directorial talent in this film. She won Academy Award for the film and Saoirse Ronan won the best actress award too. Movie is about a teenage girl finding herself through relationships. Movie is great fun to watch.
  • The Color Purple

16 The Color Purple Movie
Steven Spielberg’s not much talked about film. May be it not winning Oscars, did not help it to get much popular. Oprah Winfrey won a nomination for her performance and the leading lady, Whoopi Goldberg also won a nomination.
  •  Winter’s Bone

17 Winter's Bone Movie
Jennifer Lawrence’s underappreciated film in comparison to Hunger Games and Joy. Movie shows the grit of a young girl to fight her criminal father to keep the household together. You should definitely give it a try.
  • Enough

18 Enough Movie
Jennifer Lopez might not have really win accolades till Hustlers came along but she showed the potential to be one of the good performers in this film. The movie talks about domestic violence and abuse in a gripping fashion.
  •  Molly’s Game

Molly's Game Movie
Can you make a film on the life of a criminal interesting? Aaron Sorkin with  Molly’s Game does effortlessly. The movie is based on Molly Bloom’s life and what is her game? Watch the movie to know more.