Top 20 Best Indian Web Series To Watch on YouTube

YouTube is the first source of digital entertainment in India. Before the launch of several OTT platforms, YouTube is a quick source of approach for filmmakers and digital content-creating platforms. Even numerous web series are being premiered on YouTube over the past few years. Now, we bring you the list of Top 20 Indian Web Series To Watch on YouTube.

List of Top 20 Indian Web Series To Watch on YouTube

  • A.I. SHA

A.I.SHA can be termed as the first sci-fi web series that belongs to the famous Raghu Ram of MTV Roadies and they have done an appreciable job. The story revolves around a web developer and his entanglement of the artificial intelligence which he created himself.

  • Official Chukyagiri

Official Chukyagiri Arre’s creation revolves around the life of a young professional who enters the corporate world with very middle-class ethics. Whether his morals hold him back or he would give them up to become a successful professional is the key aspect of the series.

  • All About Section 377

All about Section 377 is all about a straight person living in a flat with a gay couple. The purpose of this series is to light-heartedly bring about the issues faced by the people in the so-called modern community.

  • Girl in the City

The series revolves around the fashion industry of Mumbai. A 21-year- old girl tries to establish herself in the fashion industry. What are her struggles in the process, form the key aspect of Girl in the City.

  • Happy to be Single

Happy to be Single is a bilingual comedy, in Tamil and English. It is about three youngsters who are single and in search of love.

  • Not-Fit

Not-Fit show from the popular production house TVF and Dice media. It prominently revolves around the struggling actor and his dream to make it big in Bollywood.

  • Chinese Bhasad

Chinese Bhasad is currently not available on YouTube but easily accessible on Voot, available as an Android app in Playstore. After streaming on YouTube, the show is shifted to VOOT.

  • Sinskari

Sinskari is a talk show hosted by Alok Nath. The show involves celebrity guests who are interviewed by Babuji on the intimate details of their private life and is a huge hit among the youth audience.

  • Love Shots

This show is for the romantics. The show has six love stories and is a must-watch for the romantics.

  • Ladies Room

Ladies Room revolves around two ladies Khanna and Dingo and their exploits using six different washrooms. This crazy show has good viewership on the YouTube platform.

  • Shaadi Boys

The hilarious show revolves around three friends getting into while trying their luck in the wedding business.

  • Pitchers

Pitchers on Youtube is one of the highly-ratted shows on YouTube. The show goes around four professionals, who quit their jobs to become entrepreneurs.

  • Permanent Roommates

Permanent Roommates is a long-distance relationship which is on for three years. TVF in this web series has captured the details of a relationship in detail and the audience can easily relate to it and enjoy it absolutely.

  • Tripling

Tripling deals with the storyline of three siblings who take up an unplanned road-trip, due to compelling circumstances. The show from TVF focuses on the problems individuals go through living in big cities.

  • Man’s World

Man’s World show is a wild imagination to the screen and creates a fictional world which is dominated by women. So here is a man, who is the leader of this series and the one who is forced to live in a world. What happens when roles are reversed and lead to all problems? Is showcased in the series.

  • Bang Baaja Baaraat

Bang Baaja Baaraat series highlights the differences between today’s marriages and how arranged marriages used to work out for the previous generations.

  • Alisha

This show by Blush is for those who like to watch a bit of suspense and likes to read such novels would like Alisha. It is the story of a fashion buff from Los Angeles, who moves to Mumbai and tries to make a place in the fashion industry.

  • Life Sahi Hai

Life Sahi Hai is an extended version of Pyaar Ka Punchnama’s movie. The story is about four bachelor friends, who have their own problems when it comes to dealing with a young lady.

  • Hip Hop Homeland

Hip Hop Homeland is a documentary-style series created by 101 India. This series goes about investigating the underground dancing circles and is for hip-hop and freestyle dancing enthusiasts.

  • Lovebytes

Lovebytes is a simple story of a couple in a live-in relationship. The show focuses on the issues that two people from different backgrounds face when they start to live under the same roof and is relatable to the current generation of youngsters.