Top 10 Malayalam Thriller Movies on Amazon Prime

Malayalam filmmakers have a special identity in making crime thrillers. To date, most of the thrillers made in Malayalam ended up as huge hits at the box office and even remade in other languages like Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Hindi languages. For the past few years, thrillers made in Malayalam have been getting good appreaction from the moviegoers across the country. Now we bring you the list of Top 10 Malayalam Thriller Movies on Amazon Prime.

Top 10 Malayalam Best Thriller Movies on Amazon Prime

  • Drishyam 2

Directed by Jeethu Joseph, Drishyam 2 is a sequel to the 2014 film, Drishyam. Staring Mohanlal in a lead role, the film explores the story of a caring father Georgekutty who emerge as a theatre owner from the stage of a TV cable operator in a small town. Drishyam 2 skipped the theatrical release and opted for a direct to digital release on Amazon Prime Video in last February. The film is one of the best investigative crime thrillers made in Malayalam in recent times. The film has 8.6/10 rating on IMDB.

  • Joji

Starring Fahadh Faasil in the lead role, Joji directed by Dileesh Pothan, showcases the story of an engineering dropout who dreams of becoming rich without his family’s support. But several unexpected events in family turns lands him in trouble. IMDb rating for Jiji is 7.9 /10

  • Ayyappanum Koshiyum

Ayyappanum Koshiyum is a 2020 Malayalam action thriller that was directed by Sachy. Featuring Biju Menon and Prithviraj Sukumaran in lead roles, the movie is all about the ego clash between a police officer and the retired army man. The film has IMDb rating 8 /10.

  • Malik

Malik is a 2021 Political thriller directed by Mahesh Narayanan. Starring Fahadh Faasil in a lead role, the film explores the story of as a young leader who becomes a strong leader by succeeding all the difficulties. Malik has IMDb rating 8.2 /10.

  • Kuruthi

Kuruthi is a 2021 action thriller directed by Manu Warrier. Starring Prithviraj Sukumaran, Roshan Mathew, Naslen K Gafoor, Srindaa in a lead roles, the movie is all about how the human relationships will change a period while struggling to survive. The film has IMDb rating 7.7 /10

  • C U soon

C U Soon is a 2020 mysterious thriller directed by Mahesh Narayanan. Starring Fahadh Faasil, Roshan Mathew and Darshana Rajendran in lead roles, the film revolves around the missing case of a girl with a suicide note. IMDb rating 7.8 /10

  • Jallikattu

Jallikattu is a 2019 malayalam suspense thriller directed by Lijo Jose Pellissery.Story revolves around the catching a buffalo, when it goes missing when it was supposed to slaughter by a butcher. The film got Nationwide appreciation for the way of presentation. IMDb rating 7.7 /10.

  • Joseph

Joseph is the 2018 thriller directed by M. Padmakumar. Starring Joju George in a lead role, Joseph is about the story of a retired police officer who after death of his wife will be dragged into a criminal case. IMDb rating 8.1 /10

  • Helen

Helen is 2019 thriller directed by Mathukutty Xavier. Featuring Anna Ben Nayaram in lead role, the film revolves around Helen, a nurse who accidentally gets caught in a cold storage room. What kind of struggles will she face to survive is presented on a thrilling note. IMDb rating 7.7 /10

  • Anveshanam

Anveshanam is a 2020 crime thriller directed by Prasobh Vijayan. The film showcases a series of unexpected events happen in a family on a thrilling note. The film has IMDb rating 6/10.